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As a total solution resource, ESP combines its professionalism and knowledge with the client’s objectives and budget to develop innovative, creative meetings of any size locally, nationally or internationally.

ESP’s experienced staff provides on-site managers who apply their expertise in every situation, taking care of last minute details to ensure the best outcome for your meeting. Experienced in corporate and government meetings, tradeshows, exhibits and themed events, ESP will cover every detail of the meeting, allowing our clients time to participate in the program worry-free. We help our clients reach their maximized objectives by providing the following services as needed:

  • Comprehensive Program Planning Timeline noting important Action Items
  • Hotel & Venue Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Customized, Proprietary Web-based Registration Development
  • Registration Management (on-site & off-site)
  • Budget Development and Financial Management
  • Air & Ground Transportation Selection & Management
  • Food and Beverage Selection & Off-Site Catering
  • Audio Visual and Technical Support
  • Advanced Technologies Expertise including
    Web-casting and Audience Response Systems
  • Meeting Collateral & Signage Production
  • Advertising Specialties
  • Themed Décor and Event Design
  • Innovative Activities & Entertainment Suggestions
  • Photography Direction – Still & Video Reprise
  • Full Stage Productions
  • Convention Coordination and Exhibit Management Services
  • Off-Site Dinners & Events
  • Companion and Family Program Development
  • On-Site Administration Support
  • Detailed Program Accounting and Invoice Reconciliation
  • Post Program Evaluation Design and Reporting
    administered to determine ROI

Government Programs

ESP is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSM) currently applying for a GSA Schedule under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 541-D and registered with the U.S. Government’s Central Contract Registration (CCR).

After more than 30 years of building relationships, ESP is able to tap its endless list of suppliers to negotiate government per Diem rates for any location and provide added benefits to the client and guests. We have produced meetings and conferences for 15 to more than 15,000 and can create any type of program while constantly looking at the bottom line.

ESP is a member of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals, and staff members regularly attend workshops to keep informed on all issues facing the government meeting industry.

Product Launches

ESP staff members independently segued from careers under the broad heading of marketing, to focus on the complexities of meeting and event planning. They leverage their collective marketing experience to create innovative introductions of everything from new car designs to improvements in pharmaceutical manufacturing. And we do so without the added expense of hiring a separate public relations agency.

For example, the importance we place on event marketing challenged our team to design a reproducible event that injected a strategic sales message almost subliminally into a party atmosphere. Our team met the challenge head-on by creating "More Than the Eye Can See" which featured customized, museum-quality 3-D artwork. At each event, a nationally recognized illusionist unveiled the Warhol-like prints which included an interactive element – both entertaining and educational - that required attendees to uncover the hidden product message within each for the opportunity to win prizes.

Award & Teambuilding Events

Successful organizations are quick to recognize the important role their staff, clients and industry partners play in their success. ESP assists our clients by creating unforgettable recognition events that keep energy levels up and the desire to succeed high!

ESP helped the highly competitive sales force of an international soft drink manufacturer focus on its product and demographics while building camaraderie among the team members by incorporating the element of laughter. ESP’s troupe of talented improvisational actors was incorporated into an event where the sales force was divided into teams, given a product and demographics and asked to write and perform a commercial for the rest of the audience. The hilarious final cuts provided a better understanding of the products and their audiences. Those that missed the mark received the dreaded gong.

Other ESP clients have enjoyed the team solidarity forged while rolling up their sleeves to do good works for the community. From spending an afternoon painting a school room in New Orleans to building bicycles for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, ESP’s clients are experiencing the best kind of "win-win" solution.

Executive Retreats

The ability to temporarily remove business executives from the 24/7 accessibility treadmill, and place them in a climate that allows them to refocus on the shared goals for the company is Mission Critical. From selecting a location that surpasses the most intensive media scrutiny to developing though-provoking team building activities, ESP can design a program that will allow your executives to concentrate on the bigger picture - budget forecasting, productivity, sales and marketing, and research and development plans - without interruptions

Incentive Programs

Motivating a sales force with a dynamic incentive program, while meeting corporate budget expectations, can be a tricky equation. In the past 30 years, we have found that the successful formula for a rewarding incentive program combines one part exclusivity with one part adventure. Consider the affordability of a program designed to entice sales representatives to compete for a chance to attend an event in Birmingham, AL. When it is tied to a road-course auto race and guests have an opportunity to meet the drivers, they will compete and you will win. Or if you face the decision to stay close or cancel the reward altogether, allow ESP to shine a new light on the hidden treasures in your backyard. From upgraded and unique accommodations to behind-the-scenes experiences, your guests will be amazed by what ESP can offer.


Whether your plan calls for the total management of 2,400 pipe and drape booths or assistance designing one tabletop display that attracts attendees, having ESP’s expertise in your tradeshow toolbox will set you apart. With over a decade of major tradeshow management in its repertoire, ESP's creative services can design and enhance your exhibit space to promote "traffic" and motivate attendees; find and secure exhibitors; or add budget-stretching sponsors to your program. We will put our combined knowledge and inventiveness to the test, surpassing your competitors and maximizing your ROI.

Our team of creative thinkers was given the challenge to create a company "store" in conjunction with a national conference for a network marketing client in a 200,000+ square foot parking garage connected to the convention center where air-conditioning vents and pillars were a serious handicap. Additionally, the audience of approximately 15,000 had been allotted 15-minute meeting breaks within to shop. ESP organized the "store" by color-coding product categories, raising category and directional signage above eye-level, and redesigning the checkout lanes which doubled the number of cash registers used to decrease shopping time. The result was that the store broke sales records by more than one million dollars.

Sales & Training Meetings

ESP understands the difference between sales and training meetings and places great importance in the creation of environments conducive to each. The ESP staff takes a comprehensive approach to training meetings, by combining a classic educational setting like a respected university with dynamic facilitators and comprehensive materials aimed at attendee retention and resulting in positive ROI.

In one instance, ESP’s client had two lines of distribution with sales teams who rarely networked and a newly hired president with a history of "down-sizing" sales organizations and a vision of introducing himself during a first-ever combined national sales meeting. They had no meeting space, no agenda and only eight weeks in which to plan the event.

Since ESP prides itself on being considered a "Human Rolodex", it was able to leverage its extensive supplier relationships to come up with the perfect venue. The client was able to capitalize on low rates of a corporate training and conference facility at a time when the corporate training was reduced due to upcoming holidays. (Incidentally, the venue chosen was the American Airlines Training & Conference Center which drove the theme: "The Sky’s the Limit" and paved the way for unique opportunities including a networking session held in a flight simulator and a flight-themed team building contest.) As well, knowing that the audience would be skeptical about the incoming president’s plans, ESP enlisted the help of a "virtual space pilot" character who would break into the president’s prepared comments, at pre-scripted intervals, and humorously address fears that the sales team was uncomfortable broaching.

This unique approach enabled the client to establish a heightened platform of expectation. From that moment, the client knew that ESP would rise above the standard to deliver a creative, sensational program uniquely branded to fit their particular needs.


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