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Two little words we read everywhere from home decor to mugs to T shirts, but still not enough in the world.

Two little words that can make people smile and brighten their day, but still, we walk head down ignoring those around us.

Two little words that cost nothing, yet we are stingy with something that can bring joy to someone else.

In the early days of this pandemic, actor, John Krasinski hosted a fun, virtual social media newscast from his home called, “Some Good News”. It highlighted stories about people from around the world in an effort to bring good news and the kindness of others to the forefront. It showed us just how much love and goodness that was in this world despite the hardships of those times.

Fast forward 18 months and there are still more people in need of kindness more than ever.  We don’t need to be in a pandemic or in the grips of world upheaval to follow those two little words, just – Be Kind, and make the world a better place…two little words at a time.

All of us at Event Source Professionals, Inc wish you and yours a very Joyous Holiday and Happy New Year!

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