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It’s All About the Planning

 While it’s said that no two snowflakes are the same, it appeared that Mother Nature was trying to test that statement amidst the 6+ inches of snow that fell in North Texas in February!

Friends and relatives “up North” chuckle and shake their heads at the meager dusting that shut down our state down for a week! With the Spring thaw and treacherous weather that comes with it, there are a few major ‘takeaways’ from Snowmagedon 2021.

1) EVERYONE needs to be a planner!

Recognize that your home AND your office both need to have Emergency Preparedness Kits and an organized PLAN! Consider in advance; what triggers your company ‘inclement weather’ policy? How will you communicate office closures to your staff and your clients? Do your family members know how to reach you in case of an emergency? Where will you meet if you home is
a) Without power b) flooded or c) all of the above.

2) Be Kind.

Snow in Texas is so unheard of most people joke that it signals that obviously Hell has frozen over! Whether it is snow in Texas, or a heatwave that shuts down the tarmac in Las Vegas, the first thing that disappears in difficult circumstances is often empathy. New circumstances often bring nervous uncertainty, thereby triggering frustration. Rise above the chaos, take a deep breath, and seek to understand.

3) Find a reason to CELEBRATE!

At ESP we too felt the impact of sub-zero temperatures in our office, as a result of multiple burst pipes. We are still operating on all engines remotely while our office is receiving an exciting new ‘uplift’! Once the renovation is finished, be on the lookout for an invitation to join us in dedicating our newly rejuvenated space. We’ll revel in that “new office smell” and share stories about neighbors helping neighbors.

Welcome Spring!  Looking forward to warmer weather!

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