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Share Your Story: August 2020 Spotlight

 Carol Boyd, CMP from C. Boyd Meetings & Events shared August’s winning story!

See her story about how to “Keep our Perspective Amid the Chaos” below:


It’s easy to say, “embrace change.” But, when EVERYTHING in your world is changing (like right now), it can be overwhelming. You may be experiencing feelings of uncertainty and fear for your future, both personally and professionally. I would encourage everyone to take a step back to really analyze and understand (while you have the time) what is happening all around you.

These are unprecedented times that may be filled with financial struggles, health challenges, personal isolation, social disconnection and fear. Many of us are living each day in survival mode. I believe that only a positive mindset can lead us to a satisfactory life despite the challenges ahead. A positive mindset is an attitude someone has who “expects” good and desired results. A positive mindset is rooted in a sense of gratitude, and that helps us tap into the reality of abundance. In the world of abundance, you can only expect good outcomes, because in that reality there is always more than enough.

When something bad happens, it is normal to be bombarded with negative thoughts. We are being hit from all sides right now, and the feelings of fear, desperation, grief and sadness are very real. But it comes down to how long we stay in those feelings and stress about things that are out of our control.

Here are just a few helpful tips to keep you moving forward with excitement and a positive outlook:

1.    Try to listen to or interact with something positive (not cable news) when you wake up. Go for a walk and appreciate the stunning beauty of nature or read a daily devotional.

2.    Start each day with expressions of gratitude. Be thankful for something you already have – your family, your home, your health, your life.

3.    Keep a journal of the blessings in your life. You’ll discover soon enough that they are countless!

4.    Identify anything negative in your life and remove it (maybe Facebook?). The more you ruminate negative thoughts the more you feed them.

5.    A positive mindset cultivates confidence in your personality, allowing you to perform at your best because of a boosted self-esteem.

6.    If you find yourself being overtaken by negative thoughts, stop and write them down. Then, read what you have written and evaluate if each thought is indeed factual. Many of your negative thoughts will be dismissed because you will discover that they are fictitious, having no connection to facts or reality.

7.    Keep your perspective and DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR OR READ. Tap into the common sense that your parents taught you!

Everything we experience in life is a result of our intentions, aware of them consciously or not. In order to experience positivity during difficult times you need to intentionally do the work. There is no magic pill, elixir or short cut towards having a positively charged life.

Stay positive my friends and we’ll get through this together!

We love hearing from our Event Source Professionals, Inc. family and a special thank you to Carol for sharing! If you’ve got a story to share, a bite of wisdom, or more please feel free to share your story below to be entered into our monthly contest!


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