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Share Your Story: July 2020 Spotlight

John Moseley from JNSFoods, LLC shared July’s winning story!

See his story and how his family is coping with the COVID-19 world below:


COVID-19 has brought disruption to everything we do! As a result, we, like so many, are doing crazy new things like:

  1. Helping the grandkids with their on-line homework. Watching their cat when they are away.
  2. Providing support for our single daughter who is working nights at a women’s shelter
  3. Sitting on the patio more and watching the deer and birds (found some new ones too).
  4. Spending a longer time making breakfast and eating together (I even cook some).
  5. Enjoying on-line shopping for groceries and buying things we never did before.
  6. Ordering “stuff” for the grandkids like a new 590 lb. swing set that was delivered via 18-wheeler this morning!
  7. Checking up on friends we had not talked to in a long time.
  8. Doing take-out from new restaurants
  9. Working from home helping you source and deliver products to Foodbanks and Feeding America!
  10. Cleaning up and cleaning out for Salvation Army.
  11. Checking on our Church “life group” and one that had major surgery.
  12. Driving less, seeing more!
  13. Planning vacations into 2021.
  14. Praying more for small blessings and worrying less about the big things.
  15. Watching less TV but learning more about the neighborhood.

We love hearing from our Event Source Professionals, Inc. family and a special thank you to John for sharing! If you’ve got a story to share, a bite of wisdom, or more please feel free to share your story below to be entered into our monthly contest!


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