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Share Your Story: November 2020

 As we prepare for a very different Thanksgiving experience this year, we are reminded that this holiday is rooted in gratitude and family. So, for this month, the Event Source Professionals family is breaking from our monthly sharing of our friends’ stories so we can share one of our own.

Having formed in 1988, ESP has not only survived, but thrived, through many tumultuous business cycles. Our history has made us very aware that this was only possible through God’s grace. And because of that, we are in a constant state of gratitude for, not only the big things, but the small gifts as well.


We count these among our top ten blessings:

  1. For the families we were born into. These people share our life experiences that formed our work ethic, forged our strength and provided the unique lens through which we view life.


  1. The many friends we’ve made in the past 32 years that began as clients. Each has brought light and laughter to our lives.  And, as they’ve moved to different places and organizations throughout their careers, they’ve remembered ESP and introduced us to their new organizations expanding our worlds as they go.


  1. The family we were not born into but have chosen as our work spouses. We would not hesitate to jump into a foxhole with any of you and know you would, and have, done the same!  Your integrity, creativity and commitment to our clients is the foundation of our future.


  1. The relationships with our industry partners that allowed us to navigate through 911, Ebola and now COVID-19. They say contracts are written for when things do not go as planned.  But no one ever thought to contract for the worst scenarios our industry has endured.  The only way we survived was through the camaraderie, shared goals and respect.


  1. First Responders & Essential Workers. 2020 has shined a light on all those, beyond doctors, nurses, police and fire fighters, whose dedication to their jobs kept our country open.  Thank you to the postal workers, sanitation crews, grocery store workers and everyone else who risked their health and safety so we could have those goods and services we rely on to live.


  1. Our recent opportunity to attend Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress IN PERSON! This experience not only proved that we will be meeting in person again; but the organizers did a fantastic job showing us how it could be done safely.  True, it felt different with everyone’s smile covered with a mask and the usual hugs and handshakes replaced with a head nod acknowledgement.  But we were with our people again and it felt wonderful!


  1. The technological advances that have allowed us to stay connected as we self-quarantine through the pandemic. We were able to use that same technology recently to provide critical health and wellness information to approximately 600 government employees around the globe.


  1. The creativity of humankind. As Plato said so many years ago, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And this pandemic has certainly shined a spotlight on current necessities.  Kudos to all those who re-engineered their manufacturing processes to provide us with safety gear and to those researchers and scientists who rallied together for therapeutics and vaccines.


  1. The innate beauty of the world. From the majestic whales who live and frolic in the Puget Sound to the great migration of Monarch butterflies that cross Texas each year, the Earth is made up of wonders large and small.  If there is nothing that we have learned from this year, we should at least remember to take time daily to appreciate the simple beauty of nature.


  1. The freedoms that living in the United States of America affords its citizens. By being blessed to have been born into this great country, we are free to worship, live, speak and hold different points of view.  If you ask the majority of people who immigrate to the United States, they will say that these freedoms are the reason they fought so hard to come here.  We need to be reminded that freedom is fragile and fleeting if taken for granted.  We are grateful to all those – past and present, Military and civilian – who fought the fight, were wounded or died to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.  We honor you by continuing to strive for freedom for all people.

To all who are reading this, the family of Event Source Professionals Inc. wishes you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

We love hearing from our Event Source Professionals, Inc. family and will return next month with another gem from them! If you’ve got a story to share, a bite of wisdom, or more please feel free to share your story below to be entered into our monthly contest!

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